Month: February 2017

Retirement Accounts in a Divorce | Waukesha Property Division Lawyer

If you are considering divorce, you and your spouse may have retirement accounts subject to marital property division. It is important to evaluate what steps you need to take to ensure that these accounts are divided between the parties.

There are several types of retirement accounts that may be divided in a divorce. The most common type of retirement account is a qualified plan such as a 401(k), 403(b), deferred compensation or a pension.

To divide these accounts, a special order called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order or QDRO must be prepared by your attorney or a financial adviser. Continue reading “Retirement Accounts in a Divorce | Waukesha Property Division Lawyer”

High Stakes Marital Property Division in a Complex Divorce

Marital property division in a divorce typically involves common assets such as your home, automobiles and retirement accounts. In financially complex divorces, couples often have a wider of variety assets that require attention.

Dividing Complicated Assets in a Divorce

Among the many assets a couple may have are stock options and restricted stock, deferred compensation, a closely held business or professional practice, partnerships, retirement and insurance plans, trusts and real property beyond the family home. Add to this, items such as art, antiques or collectibles that must be valued in order to reach a fair division of marital assets. Continue reading “High Stakes Marital Property Division in a Complex Divorce”