Month: May 2017

Wisconsin Spousal Maintenance

Alimony is referred to as spousal maintenance in Wisconsin. It is a payment one spouse makes to the other to reduce the financial hardship one may experience in a divorce.

When making a Wisconsin spousal maintenance determination, Wisconsin courts will look at various factors to decide the amount and duration of payments to be awarded. Among the factors considered are:

  • the education level and earning capacity of each spouse and whether one spouse contributed to the education or earning power of the other
  • the requesting spouse’s work history, training, and skills along with their time spent away from the work force
  • what responsibility the requesting spouse will have for the care of the children moving forward
  • the time needed for the requesting spouse to get the additional education or training so that they can find employment and whether with such employment will allow the requesting spouse to achieve similar standard of living as enjoyed in the marriage

Other factors will likely include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The division of property
  • Each spouse’s age
  • The physical and emotional health of both parties
  • The ability of each spouse to work
  • Any other factor that is relevant to the requesting spouse’s need for maintenance and the ohter spouse’s ability to pay

Contact an Experienced Wisconsin Spousal Maintenance Attorney

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Relocating With Children After Divorce | Waukesha Wisconsin Child Custody Lawyer

After parents divorce, circumstances can change in a custodial parent’s life which may result in a relocation. Many states, including Wisconsin, require that a parent planning a move notify the other parent of their intention to relocate with a child. A Wisconsin parent cannot simply leave with their child if the child is subject to a custody order.

There are procedures that a parent must follow if he or she wants to move with a child and there are measures a non-relocating parent can take if they object to the move. The laws are complex when it comes to the relocation of a child when custody and visitation are an issue, so it is recommended that parents work with an experienced child custody lawyer. Continue reading “Relocating With Children After Divorce | Waukesha Wisconsin Child Custody Lawyer”