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  • Jane, As a final communication I want to thank you and your firm for handling my case, and for allowing me to achieve closure in my life. To say that the last twelve years have been a nightmare would be an understatement. I am deeply humbled by your persistence and professionalism during this last 12+ months, especially when it seemed like you had to (at times) be very persistent…in order to achieve even the smallest of things in regards to my case. In wrapping up things on the 23rd, you and your firm helped me to start finally put something behind me that was never my fault. I hope you apply the same vigor and determination to your future cases that you applied to mine. Please thank each and every person in your firm that helped you, and subsequently helped me.
    You’ve given me my life back, and for that I am eternally indebted and grateful. Please take care of yourself. I wish a very prosperous, successful, and joyful 2021 for all of you guys!

    David, March 2021

  • Jane is by far the best lawyer I have ever had. She fights very hard for her clients. I hope I’ll never need another divorce lawyer again, but if I do she is definitely going to be the lawyer I go with.

    Michael Barden, October 2020

  • Jane Probst represented me in a difficult and complicated child custody battle. She was very open, honest, and knowledgeable and saw through the tricks of the other attorney was playing . I could not of asked for anyone better to represent me.

    Steven Babe, August 2020

  • Jane is very professional, and extremely knowledgeable. I am so grateful that my Google search brought me to Probst Law Offices. Jane won’t miss any details and will fight for you in the court room. Her confident demeanor has brought me great relief

    Morgan, June 2020

  • Jane Probst represented my daughter in a difficult and complicated child custody battle. She gave my daughter encouragement and guidance throughout this case. Jane was very open and honest and knowledgeable. I don’t know how my daughter would have gotten through it without her. Jane was there for her every step of the way.

    Cheryl, April 2020

  • Jane Probst represented me in a custody battle over my son. Jane’s integrity, communication skills, calm demeanor and legal knowledge kept me from being crushed emotionally and legally… I highly recommend Jane’s services to anyone in need of legal services for their family.


  • Jane is an incredibly warm and competent attorney. From the first consultation I knew she had my children’s best interests in mind. I knew she would be no nonsense and she would fight for me and my children’s rights. I had an unusual case due to my child being transgender and the judge admittedly stating he knows nothing about gender… I cannot recommend her enough. I could not have survived this past year without her. She will forever stay in my heart.


  • I would highly recommend Jane Probst for any family law matter. We retained her for what seemed to be a simple child support matter which over the course of time turned into a TPR and stepparent adoption. Jane was always available for questions and concerns and prepared us with proper legal advice for any upcoming matter. We had a fantastic experience with Jane and all her office staff.


  • I have known Jane for many years and she has helped me and multiple friends. She is truly one of the most hard working, dedicated attorneys I have ever known. She knows the system and will go to any length to assist and fight for her clients. Her integrity is impeccable. I have referred many friends to her and will continue to do the same. You can’t go wrong if you hire Jane as your attorney.


  • Jane helped me in 2003 to get custody of my son and I can’t thank her enough! She is very smart and intense. I wish I would’ve given her these thanks at the time, but I have never thought anything but praise for her. Thank you so much Jane for what you did for me and my son. He’s 30 now and he has grown into a strong, smart, amazing man! He is married now and I now have a grandson. My son is an excellent husband and father. If he grew up with his bio dad, I think he’d be on drugs and in jail. Thank you for your help and empathy! ~ Mark, August 2023

    Mark, August 2023

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With over 30 years of legal experience with Wisconsin family law on your side, the Brookfield & Waukesha county divorce, child custody & placement attorneys of Probst Law Offices have decades knowledge and skill to handle the most complex family law issues. Our firm has helped hundreds of clients with intrastate and interstate child custody matters and child support and visitation (placement), post divorce modifications, paternity issues, property and asset division (including marital and non-marital assets and business owner concerns), division of retirement assets; including, Investments, QDROS, SEPS, IRAs, and pensions; and high income family law matters; including finding hidden assets; spousal maintenance (alimony), prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.  We take each case with the highest degree of professionalism and knowledge of the law. We have extensive jury and bench trial experience, and our attorneys are powerful advocates for clients, in-and-out of the courtroom. Our attorneys understand that every family law situation and client is unique, and together we will closely evaluate every situation to determine if litigation is required or if matters can be settled more amicably through negotiation and divorce settlement agreements or mediation.

Our Brookfield & Waukesha divorce & child custody attorneys take tremendous pride in approaching every client with empathy and we work collaboratively with the opposing counsel to achieve the best possible results in a timely and efficient manner. Our clients know that we advocate strongly for their rights, but we are also are approachable, and work collaboratively with them and the opposing attorneys to get the best possible outcome without the expense and time of unnecessary litigation.

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Based in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Probst Law Offices, S.C. provides family law representation to clients in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Walworth, Jefferson, Racine, Kenosha and Washington Counties. Our experienced family law attorneys focus their practices on divorce, divorce mediation, property and asset division, child support and child support modification, child custody and visitation, paternity, grandparent rights, adoption, termination of parental rights, guardianship.

At Probst Law Firm, we believe it is important for our clients to know that we genuinely care about their case. Every day we work hard to prove it to them! Our experienced attorneys work closely with each client. They take pride in timely communications with every client and they promise to respond quickly to their questions and concerns.

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