Milwaukee Guardianship Lawyer

Guardianships are obtained to either care for a child whose parents are unwilling or unable to care for him or her or for an adult who has been declared incompetent. Whether you are seeking a minor or adult guardianship, our experienced attorneys can help you.

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Probst Law Offices, S.C. provides strong representation to clients in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Kenosha, West Bend and surrounding areas of Wisconsin. Jane and Ryan have the skill and experience to handle even the most complex guardianship cases, for both minors and adults. They will thoroughly review your situation and provide a high level of personal service and advocacy at every step, from drafting and filing the initial petition to the establishment of guardianship.

Waukesha Attorney For Temporary Guardianship, Permanent Guardianship

Whether you are seeking a temporary or permanent guardianship, for either a child or adult, Jane and Ryan have the knowledge and experience to handle your guardianship matter.

  • Minor guardianship — If you are a grandparent or another third party who wants to obtain guardianship over a minor, she will take the time to explain your rights and options. In these situations, you can become guardian of the child and any assets or property in his or her name.
  • Adult guardianship — If you are seeking guardianship over an adult family member or friend who has been declared incompetent, Jane can handle your case from start to finish. She will review that person’s estate and obtain medical reports and physician recommendations to build a strong case for guardianship over finances and/or medical and general care.

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