Waukesha Child Support Lawyer

child support attorneyWisconsin determines child support based on a specific set of guidelines. The amount of child support can vary depending on the income of both parents and the level of placement each parent has.

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Probst Law Offices, S.C. can help you to make determinations regarding child support and child placement that will work best for you and your family. Our attorneys, with decades of experience, understand that every situation is unique. We offer personalized attention to each client and family and we evaluate every factor, including income, placement, day care expenses and health insurance costs.

Experienced Waukesha Spousal Maintenance Attorney

Spousal maintenance, or alimony, is not fault-based. A number of factors go into determining spousal support, including:

  • Length of marriage
  • Education of both parties
  • Health and age of both spouses
  • Ability of spouses to be self-supporting
  • Whether one person sacrificed income during the marriage

An experienced lawyer can help to determine if spousal maintenance is feasible in your situation. Probst Law Offices, S.C. can thoroughly examine your situation to determine if spousal support is feasible. Whether you are the paying spouse or the receiving one, we will look at what is required to achieve self-sufficiency, or if permanent support is needed.

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Probst Law Offices, S.C. also assists with Wisconsin spousal maintenance modification or child support modification. Our experienced child support attorneys will examine your situation to see if your change in circumstances qualifies for Wisconsin child modification order.