Waukesha Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Through mediation, divorcing couples or individuals with other family law issues can come to a resolution through compromise. As a result, they do not take their chances in court and avoid the cost of trial and lawyer’s fees. This process also minimizes animosity and conflict between the two parties, empowering them to find workable solutions.

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Based in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Probst Law Offices, S.C.represents clients who are facing a wide range of family law concerns. Jane Probst is a certified mediator for divorce, child custody and other legal issues.  Jane has a thorough understanding and considerable experience with the mediation process, and she will work closely with you to reach the best possible outcome to your legal issue.

Experienced Milwaukee Metro Child Custody Mediation Attorney

Mediation is required by Wisconsin family courts for child custody and visitation disagreements. Judges may order mediation for other disputes, but this depends on the particular case.

Jane Probst can help with your mediation case through one of two roles:

  • As mediator she will serve as a neutral-party facilitator to help the two parties reach agreement.
  • As a lawyer she will represent you, advocating for your interests while still helping to reach a compromise.

While mediation is a great option for many situations, it may not be appropriate for all cases. Jane will evaluate your situation to help you determine if mediation is a realistic option for you.

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