Probst Law Firm Client Reviews

Highly Recommended – Jane Probst represented me for about 11 years continuously, in a custody battle over my son. Jane’s integrity, communication skills, calm demeanor and legal knowledge kept me from being crushed emotionally and legally. I never had to wonder what the current situation or status of my case was. She fought fairly and professionally for my son and myself and reminded the opposing lawyer when his requests were unreasonable. I could not have gone through that horrific ordeal and come out of it sane, had it not been for Jane. I have worked with other lawyers for other issues– probate, trust and estate and really wish Jane lived nearby. I have found no one with her integrity and knowledge. I highly recommend Jane’s services to anyone in need of legal services for their family. ~ Family Law Client, March 2016

Ethical, Compassionate, Supportive, and Hard Working

We needed a lawyer in 2013 because our birth-mother was appealing her TPR of our adopted son to the State of Wisc. appeals court. Ms. Probst compassionately spoke with me, as well as thoroughly took the time to read through the case via court documents I brought to her office. I KNEW she had actually read the case when she brought up different things contained in the reports. She said she could handle the case, but felt as though we would be in better hands if we went to an appellate attorney vs. an experienced adoption attorney such as herself. She even gave me a recommendation. THAT was extremely impressive and I never forgot it.

Flash forward a year later, when due to many stressful times in our marriage, including almost losing our adoptive son, our marriage was disseminated and I had no other choice but to file for divorce. Who better than the honest, ethical and compassionate attorney who referred me to an appellate lawyer the year before to represent me, then Ms. Probst. It was our initial case that cemented the foundation of what type of an attorney I wanted to represent me.

From the moment I spoke to Ms. Probst, through tears, she was very caring. I told her I had tried every other option and as a last resort was filing for divorce, with the hopes my then husband would come to his senses and choose his family over another woman. Sadly, he never woke up from the fantasy life he chose and divorce was imminent. Over the next TWO years the case dragged on because of financial, as well as other issues, including a very unreasonable soon to be ex-husband. Yet Jane remained persistent and focused in achieving what I wanted from day one, to be named his survivor for his pension, due to the fact we have two young adopted children and I had irrevocably named him mine when I retired years earlier. Fortunately for my young children, ages 4 and 7, we were able to secure this without having to go to trial!

Jane is a tiny little spitfire who fights hard, yet is very fair and peacefully diplomatic with opposing counsel…one time I disagreed with what she told me regarding child custody as I wanted MORE time with my kids and it set me back, almost to my only getting 50/50 which would have devastated me. From that moment on, I ALWAYS deferred to her expertise and NEVER questioned it again.

Jane enlisted the aide of a financial mediator who was well versed in the City of Milwaukee’s Police pension system who helped get us closer to a resolution. She was very tactful and innovative in creative suggestions for resolutions regarding our property division.

IF you are unfortunately someone that sadly has to take the path I had to and get divorced AND especially if you are someone who will have to consider dividing the City of Milwaukee’s pension system, MS. PROBST is extremely well-versed in this area! IF you would like a further recommendation from me regarding Ms. Probst I have no problem with you giving your name and number to them and I would be happy to answer any of your questions from a clients perspective. ANYONE would be happy to have someone such as Ms. Probst represent them. She’s ethical, has integrity of great character and responds quickly to emails/calls, fights hard and cares about you as her client, as well as your children who are also affected as a result of the divorce. I’m sorry you are having to even read this review, sadly I was you, but just know, Ms. Probst will do what is in the best interest of her client…while she is petite, do NOT let that sway you, dyn-no-mite comes in small packages! ~ Kim, August 2016

Experienced, Dedicated, Caring, Professional

I have known Jane for many years and she has helped me and multiple friends. She is truly one of the most hard working, dedicated attorneys I have ever known. She knows the system and will go to any length to assist and fight for her clients. Her integrity is impeccable. I have referred many friends to her and will continue to do the same. You can’t go wrong if you hire Jane as your attorney. ~ Gail, February 2016