Relocating With Children After Divorce | Waukesha Wisconsin Child Custody Lawyer

After parents divorce, circumstances can change in a custodial parent’s life which may result in a relocation. Many states, including Wisconsin, require that a parent planning a move notify the other parent of their intention to relocate with a child. A Wisconsin parent cannot simply leave with their child if the child is subject to a custody order.

There are procedures that a parent must follow if he or she wants to move with a child and there are measures a non-relocating parent can take if they object to the move. The laws are complex when it comes to the relocation of a child when custody and visitation are an issue, so it is recommended that parents work with an experienced child custody lawyer. Continue reading “Relocating With Children After Divorce | Waukesha Wisconsin Child Custody Lawyer”

Moms Returning to Work After Divorce

The vast majority of parents who take time off to raise children would ultimately like to return to the workplace. This is particularly true for stay-at-home parents that are divorcing who find themselves thrust into finding employment to financially support their family.

Returning to Work After a Divorce

Although there are more dads staying home with the children these days, more typically the mom will put her career on hold to raise the kids during the marriage and, when things go south, she is the one looking for a job.

Fortunately, research shows that many qualified women are able to return to the workforce when they want to or need to. However, studies reveal of the 73% of women who returned to the workforce, only 40% landed regular full time work.

One of the biggest challenges professionals face when trying to make a career shift is perception. Hiring managers looking at candidates who have been out of the workforce may be concerned about how current your skills are and where your priorities lie when it comes to the work/family balance. Continue reading “Moms Returning to Work After Divorce”

Waukesha Child Custody Modification

When there are children involved in a divorce, making decisions about their care can be difficult when the circumstances are new to a family. When raising children in two households instead of one, it is expected and understood that the child custody and visitation arrangements that you made early on may not suit your family’s needs indefinitely.

Changes in child support may also come up where a job loss reduces the amount of support that a recipient may be entitled to. Conversely, an increase in one parent’s income or unanticipated expenses related to the care of the child may result in an more child support. A remarriage of either parent can also change how much child support should be paid. Continue reading “Waukesha Child Custody Modification”

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Waukesha Domestic Violence Divorce Attorney

Waukesha Domestic Violence Divorce Attorney | Restraining Orders for Wisconsin Divorce

If you are considering divorce and have concerns regarding domestic abuse, child abuse, substance abuse or other safety issues that may put you or your children in danger from your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you may want to consider contacting a Waukesha domestic violence divorce attorney for help with a restraining order or an order of protection.

If you are in imminent danger, it is important to contact the police or a domestic abuse shelter for immediate help. If the matter is related to your Wisconsin divorce or family law matter, we can help you with all issues related to obtaining a Wisconsin restraining order or an order for protection.

A restraining order is a court order that directs someone not to hurt you, to stay away from you, move out of your home, cease contact of any kind or stop harassing you. It may also extend protection to your family members.

The process is initiated by petitioning the court for a temporary restraining order, which, if granted, will result in an injunction hearing where the court may issue a final order of protection, or injunction, that will be valid for up to two years for child abuse, and up to four years for domestic abuse or harassment. Continue reading “Waukesha Domestic Violence Divorce Attorney”

What is Divorce Mediation?

A mediator is a neutral third party that helps individuals resolve disputes through compromise and settlement rather than through litigation.

We believe that Divorce Mediation and the Collaborative Divorce process are two options that are available to resolve your divorce without having costly child custody battles. Mediation also minimizes the acrimony that divorcing couples often experience.

Mediation and Collaborative Divorce are usually faster and therefore, more cost-effective, in resolving child custody conflicts. Divorce Mediation and the Collaborative Divorce process avoid time consuming and costly courtroom child custody litigation. Continue reading “What is Divorce Mediation?”

Retirement Accounts in a Divorce | Waukesha Property Division Lawyer

If you are considering divorce, you and your spouse may have retirement accounts subject to marital property division. It is important to evaluate what steps you need to take to ensure that these accounts are divided between the parties.

There are several types of retirement accounts that may be divided in a divorce. The most common type of retirement account is a qualified plan such as a 401(k), 403(b), deferred compensation or a pension.

To divide these accounts, a special order called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order or QDRO must be prepared by your attorney or a financial adviser. Continue reading “Retirement Accounts in a Divorce | Waukesha Property Division Lawyer”

High Stakes Marital Property Division in a Complex Divorce

Marital property division in a divorce typically involves common assets such as your home, automobiles and retirement accounts. In financially complex divorces, couples often have a wider of variety assets that require attention.

Dividing Complicated Assets in a Divorce

Among the many assets a couple may have are stock options and restricted stock, deferred compensation, a closely held business or professional practice, partnerships, retirement and insurance plans, trusts and real property beyond the family home. Add to this, items such as art, antiques or collectibles that must be valued in order to reach a fair division of marital assets. Continue reading “High Stakes Marital Property Division in a Complex Divorce”

Wisconsin Divorce and Temporary Court Orders

If you are considering divorce, you likely have questions about the legal process, concerns regarding how property such as the family home or car will be handled and, if children are involved, support and custody concerns. It is beneficial to have  a basic understanding of  the  overall process so that you can move forward confidently.

In order to initiate a  Wisconsin divorce, you and your attorney will file a Summons and Petition for Divorce with the court.  Subsequently, your spouse will be served with the Summons and Petition for Divorce within a 90 day window. Your spouse will sign the Admission of Service at his/her attorney’s office or a process server can serve the papers to him or her.  Your spouse will file a written Response and Counterclaim within 20 days of being served with the court, sending a copy to you and your attorney. Continue reading “Wisconsin Divorce and Temporary Court Orders”

Marital Property Division | Waukesha Wisconsin Divorce Lawyers

During marriage, couples accumulate many assets such as cars, homes, investments and more. If you are considering a Wisconsin divorce, you may have questions regarding how your assets will be divided between you and your spouse.

Wisconsin is a community property state, which means that property purchased with income earned during the marriage is considered marital property. When couples divorce, this property is divided equally between spouses.

When courts divide property, it is typically a matter of adding up the total value of the marital estate and granting each spouse a percentage. Although Wisconsin law implies a 50-50 split, a judge strives to make the division fair, so he or she may deviate from an equal distribution of assets after considering various factors such as:

  • The property each spouse brought into the marriage
  • The amount of non-marital assets/separate property involved, which may include property acquired before the marriage such as inheritance, gifts, material items, etc. However, keep in mind that some separate property items may become community property in circumstances where co-mingled funds were used to maintain the separate property, such as a house.

Continue reading “Marital Property Division | Waukesha Wisconsin Divorce Lawyers”