Month: June 2018

Waukesha Same Sex Divorce Lawyers

Same Sex DivorceChanges in Wisconsin and Federal law regarding same sex marriage have simultaneously raised the specter of same sex divorce and the unique challenges same sex couples face when they want to end their marriage.

LGBT Divorce in Wisconsin

With the recognition of same-sex marriage and divorce nationwide, many issues related to LGBTQ divorce, marital property division, alimony, child custody,  and child support can avail itself of the family law that has applied to opposite-sex marriages.

Wisconsin Same Sex Divorce

Wisconsin divorce law now applies to all married couples regardless of gender and courts must approach these issues in the same way for same sex couples as they do for opposite sex couples. However, there are unique issues that same sex couples run into due to conflicts in the law prior to federal recognition of same sex marriage and also in the realm of child custody where only one parent is a blood relative or the legal adoptive parent. Fortunately, case law is evolving on issues which have a direct bearing on the lives of many divorcing same-sex couples.

Issues to Consider in a Wisconsin Same Sex Divorce

If you are considering a same sex divorce, it is advisable to seek legal representation.  An experienced same sex divorce lawyer can answer your  questions regarding:

Experienced Waukesha Same Sex Divorce Lawyers

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Choosing the right attorney can make all the difference in a divorce. Whether you are a same sex or different sex couple, you will want to have a knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate advocate by your side.  Contact the Waukesha and Milwaukee area family law lawyers of Probst Law offices for immediate assistance at 414-210-3135.