Wisconsin Equine Law Attorney

Wisconsin Equine law is a niche practice area that deals with the business, contracts and litigation related to horses. Wisconsin horse owners, breeders, trainers and owners of barns and other horse-related facilities can benefit from knowledgeable legal advice and counsel.

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Wisconsin Equine Law Attorney, Jane Probst provides experienced and personalized attention for a wide range of equine law concerns. As a lifelong horse owner and attorney since 1990, Jane knows equine law and is well prepared to assist you with any of your Wisconsin horse law concerns:

  • Business setup
  • Equine contract drafting, review and disputes
  • Insurance and liability concerns
  • Veterinary malpractice
  • Unpaid horse boarding fees
  • Animal mistreatment or negligence
  • Personal injury claims related to horse facilities

Knowledgeable Waukesha Horse Law Attorney


Although you cannot control every aspect of your equine-related business or prevent injury or accidents from happening to your horse, certain provisions can be made to protect you and any horses you own, treat or shelter.

Jane Probst is a dedicated attorney who knows horses and equine law, representing clients in numerous cases as well as giving many presentations about equine law. Using a common sense approach, she will evaluate your matter and provide workable solutions. Her goal is to help you resolve your legal issue as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Milwaukee and Waukesha equine lawyer Jane Probst is ready to assist you with your legal concern. Call (414) 210-3135 or send an email for your free, half-hour initial consultation. Jane will personally and promptly respond to all messages. MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit card payments are accepted.