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Legal Experience Matters in Divorce Mediation  

jane probst lawDivorcing couples typically look to mediation when they feel that they can reach an agreement but want help working through all the issues. Mediation may also be ordered by the court if there are child custody and visitation disagreements.

During mediation, a mediator serves as a neutral party facilitator to help couples who wish to divorce resolve their family law concerns through compromise. It offers couples a chance to strike an agreement to avoid a costly trial and minimize conflict in the family.

While many mediators are not attorneys, those who are, can combine their legal knowledge and experience with mediation techniques, providing clients with a more comprehensive experience. The goal of mediation, after all, is to reach a fair agreement regarding legal issues such as the division of marital property and, if children are involved, what is in their best interests as far as custody and visitation arrangements or how other responsibilities that come with raising children will be handled.

As an experienced and certified mediator and a seasoned divorce lawyer, Attorney Jane Probst helps couples to understand the mediation process and what issues need to be decided. While mediation offers a cost effective and expedient alternative to a contested divorce, it may not be appropriate in all cases. However, in cases where  mediation is a good fit, Attorney Probst’s many years as a certified mediator and her legal knowledge and decades of experience as a Wisconsin divorce lawyer can help you and your spouse reach a fair and equitable agreement.

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What is Divorce Mediation?

A mediator is a neutral third party that helps individuals resolve disputes through compromise and settlement rather than through litigation.

We believe that Divorce Mediation and the Collaborative Divorce process are two options that are available to resolve your divorce without having costly child custody battles. Mediation also minimizes the acrimony that divorcing couples often experience.

Mediation and Collaborative Divorce are usually faster and therefore, more cost-effective, in resolving child custody conflicts. Divorce Mediation and the Collaborative Divorce process avoid time consuming and costly courtroom child custody litigation. Continue reading “What is Divorce Mediation?”