Child Support Enforcement

best divorce attorney waukeshaIf your ex-spouse fails to pay court ordered child support or alimony (spousal maintenance) or is not honoring a child custody and visitation arrangement, they may be found in contempt of court. If you are in a situation such as this, you may file a motion with the court describing the problem in order to have your matter heard.

If your ex-spouse is found in contempt (ignored the court order), the court will direct him or her to correct the contempt and may order sanctions or penalties for failing to comply with the court order. The court will likely offer your ex-spouse an opportunity to purge or correct the contempt through the completion of set tasks or payments. Failure to comply with the conditions can result in sanctions which may include additional fines, wage garnishment, liens on property, and seizure of property or even incarceration.

Ex- Spouse Not Paying Court Ordered Child Support?

Experience Matters – Contact a Wisconsin Child Support Enforcement Attorney

If your ex-spouse is not paying court ordered child support, it can be downright frustrating and the impact can be financially significant to be able to provide for your children. If you need assistance enforcing a court order following your divorce, contact the Waukesha Wisconsin law offices of Jane Probst at 414-210-3135.  Jane Probst will put her decades of Family Law experience to work on your behalf.