Questions to Ask During Your Initial Consultation With a Divorce Lawyer

If you are scheduled for an initial consolation with a divorce lawyer, it is a good idea to think about questions you may want to ask. You will likely want information regarding their experience, a general sense of how your case will be handled, and what fees you can expect. First, let’s consider the attorney’s experience and what questions you may have:

  • Does the attorney handle the type of divorce you are seeking? Are you looking for divorce mediation services, a collaborative divorce, or a more traditional divorce? Perhaps you and your spouse have hammered out an agreement you only wish to have reviewed. Your attorney should have experience in the type of divorce you hope to enter into – many will be happy to provide a referral if they do not offer the services you seek.
  • Has the attorney handled cases involving child custody disputes, spousal support, business valuation, or whatever issue is your major concern? Divorce can be simple or complex depending on whether children are involved, if there is a family business or substantial property to be divided – you will want an attorney that has experience handling issues that are relevant to your case.
  • Ask the attorney how many divorce cases they have handled and whether those cases went to trial or settled beforehand. A skilled negotiator can often help you reach a fair settlement, but it is also advantageous to have an attorney that has experience in the courtroom, and the judges who may hear your case, in the event you and your spouse cannot agree.
  • Does the lawyer know the opposing attorney and are they able to work well together? When trying to reach a settlement, it is helpful if the attorneys representing the spouses are able to communicate effectively so if there is a problem, you should know.

When you are seeking legal representation for a divorce, finding an attorney with experience and knowledge is important. Preparing questions in advance of your consultation will help you to decide if the attorney has the experience to handle your case. Please see our Wisconsin family law blog posts regarding questions to ask regarding what you can expect in a divorce case and questions regarding fees before hiring a divorce attorney.

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