Wisconsin Alimony

Wisconsin AlimonyMany spouses from the baby boomer generation divided the responsibilities of a family by having one earn income outside of the home, aka the breadwinner, while the other stayed home with the children, perhaps while holding down a part time job to make ends meet.

Flash forward 20 years and nearly 50 percent of couples of that generation are now contemplating divorce, likely leaving the spouse who gave up his or her career to stay home with the children worried about how they will manage financially. That’s where spousal maintenance comes in.

If you and your spouse have been married for a long duration and are divorcing, and there is a large disparity in income, one spouse will likely be ordered to pay spousal maintenance to the other for an indefinite period of time.

Contrast this with someone who has had a marriage of a short duration and they may be looking at temporary support until the recipient can get back on their feet, perhaps by brushing up on job skills via training or education.

A judge considers many factors when determining if and how much spousal maintenance to award, which includes the length of the marriage, the age of the parties involved, health or disability factors, income, future earning power, education, and job skills. The court strives to make it fair so that both parties can move forward.

Wisconsin Alimony

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An order for Wisconsin alimony will depend greatly on your attorney’s ability to make a case for or against spousal maintenance. If you are seeking spousal maintenance for yourself or are the potential payer of alimony and believe your ex could be self-supporting, it is important to work with an experienced Wisconsin spousal support lawyer to argue on your behalf. Contact the Waukesha Family Law Offices of Jane E. Probst for more information regarding Wisconsin spousal maintenance at 414-210-3135.